/ / The chapel Notre-Dame-de-La-Papiol: photos, description (Chapelle Notre-Dame de Pepiole, la)

The chapel Notre-Dame-de-La-Papiol: photos, description (Chapelle Notre-Dame de Pepiole, la)

The chapel Notre-Dame-de-La-Papiol is one of the oldest buildings in all of France. This early Christian Church was erected during the reign of the dynasty of the Merovingians. It is located in the Mediterranean city of six-Fours-Les-Plages, Provence - Alpes - côte d'azur, southern France.

The chapel was built in V-VI centuries by the monks of the Abbey of Saint-Victor in Marseille. Then it was several times enlarged in the eighth century and the twelfth century. During recent works to the building were attached to the outline of a typical religious building of the Romanesque era.

The chapel has an interesting structure - it consists of three naves, placed one after the other. Each is one apse. Curiosity is also called the stained glass Windows - they are made out of bottle bottoms, made of colored glass and on various biblical subjects.

The Northern altar is an old gilded wooden sculpture depicting the blessed virgin Mary with the Christ child. It was consecrated in the sixteenth century. Unfortunately, this statue was badly damaged during the French revolution. It finally failed to recover.

The revival of the chapel began in the XX century - in 1956 were carried out extensive restoration work. Unusually, they were led by Abbot Paul Celestin from the Benedictine Abbey of Marandu located pretty far from Provence in the Belgian town of NAMUR. In the Church was renewed Catholic services, but also it began to operate a major urban cultural center.

The chapel Notre-Dame-de-La-Papiol is in quite a picturesque area - it leads to the alley, covered with olive and cypress trees. The building itself is different tiny size and tiny Windows, typical of early Christian religious buildings. In 1967 the chapel was awarded the title of the monument of history and culture of France.