/ / Chapel of the Holy Trinity and the Holy shroud: photos, description Chapelle de la Tres-Sainte-trinité et du Saint-Suaire)

Chapel of the Holy Trinity and the Holy shroud: photos, description Chapelle de la Tres-Sainte-trinité et du Saint-Suaire)

Catholic chapel of the most Holy Trinity and the Holy shroud is located in the Old town, near the Cours Saleya market - you just have to literally turn the corner on the Rue Jules Gilly, and here it is, a beautiful yellow building. The chapel was recently restored, but inside it is cozy and elegant. But before you enter, you should admire it from afar - so it is best seen a low bell tower with a small dome covered with colored glazed tiles are still the Genoese fashion.

The bell tower was added in 1824 the building was constructed much earlier - between 1657 and 1660 years. Then, in the first quarter of the nineteenth century, slightly altered and the chapel, put it on the original Baroque style neoclassical elements.

The restructuring was necessary because during the French revolution invaded in nice, the French confiscated the old chapel, she was abandoned and has become almost in ruins. After the fall of Napoleon and the return of nice to Sardinia in the city appeared again the Brotherhood of the penitent. It's a Catholic fraternity, the purpose of which, in particular, is to help the poor, was once very popular in the County of nice. Various branches of the brotherhood are called by the color of the attire - for example, white, black or red. The Red penitent restored the chapel and nourished it until now. Here you can often meet people in bright red (the colour of the Blood of Christ robes.

The dedication of the chapel of the Holy shroud is not accidental. The shroud is now stored in the Turin Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is an ancient linen cloth, which is assumed to be wrapped from the cross of Jesus, and then on the fabric stood out the prints of His Face and Body. The Catholic Church officially does not approve or deny the authenticity of the relics, and scientists still have not come to a final conclusion, continue to explore it.

Now the Shroud is put on display very rarely, but in the past, for hundreds of years, it not only showed, but was transported from city to city. Was she nice, was kept in the castle, and on 29 March 1537 it was solemnly shown to the people from the tower of St. Elmo (now the place is built in the XIX century the tower of Bellanda). In honor of this event the chapel and bears the name of the Holy shroud. Also called a tiny narrow street, extending from temple.

The shroud contains two impressive paintings that can be seen in the chapel: altarpiece Paul-Emile Barberi, and the creation of local artist of the seventeenth century Joan Gasparo Baldino. Special attention deserves carved wooden group of sculptures depicting the Holy Hospitia nice at the moment the assault of the barbarians (a miracle happened, and a pagan, who wanted to kill the hermit could not move my arm). People admire and statue of St. Therese of the child Jesus, it depicted the deceased. A reminder of this especially revered Catholic Saint is no accident - in November 1887, Teresa young, who was returning from Rome in Lisieux, spent two days in nice (she and her family lived in the hotel "Beau-Rivage").