/ / Chapel of the Templars: photos, description (Chapelle des Templiers de Metz)

Chapel of the Templars: photos, description (Chapelle des Templiers de Metz)

Chapel of the Templars is located in the centre of Metz, in the Lorraine region. Quite nearby is Republic Square and the Arsenal, now an employee of the concert hall. This chapel is the only one that survived in the city from the famous Order of the knights Templar located here in 1133, the year. It is also the only example of a Church with a rotunda in the whole of Lorraine.

The building of the Church was built in the years 1180-1220. It intertwined features both Romanesque and Gothic styles. The chapel is constructed following the example of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which is typical of religious buildings of this order. The Church exterior is designed in the Romanesque architectural style, while some internal parts, especially the vaulted ceilings are already in the Gothic style.

The Church is a small octagonal building with a separate room for choirs and attached them with a tiny apse. Across the diameter of the slotted construction of the elongated Romanesque Windows.

The interior of the Church is simply decorated. However, you should pay attention to a unique wall painting of the fourteenth century, which has been partially preserved. The dome was painted late in the nineteenth century. Wall murals have been corrected in 1905, then was made of fine stained glass Windows.

In 1556, the entire complex of buildings formerly owned by the Order, was completely destroyed, survived only in this small chapel. She was converted into a warehouse of gunpowder and ammunition. In 1840 it was granted the status of a monument of history of the country. But interestingly, more than 50 years - from 1882 to 1957 the chapel of the knights Templar in the city of Metz, is already classified as a monument of history and culture of France, served as a military Telegraph station. It now serves as an exhibition hall.