/ / The Chartres Museum of fine arts: photos, description (Musee des beaux-arts de Chartres)

The Chartres Museum of fine arts: photos, description (Musee des beaux-arts de Chartres)

Museum of fine arts is located in the centre of Chartres, close to the Cathedral. It is located in the former Bishop's Palace. He architectural ensemble was built in the XIII century, though rebuilt several times in the XVII-XVIII centuries. The building was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France. The Museum was opened in 1939.

The Museum collection is primarily devoted to the fine art of XVI-XIX centuries, however, are more common and contemporary works, made in the twentieth century. Among the Old masters are particularly noted Benvenuto Tizi, called "Garofalo," the figure of the Italian Renaissance. His work "Madonna and child" is the most ancient of the paintings she made in the first half of the XVI century. Also here you'll find masterpieces by Francisco zurbarán, françois Boucher, Camille Corot and many other famous artists. Also specific interest is the portrait of the Russian Empress Catherine II, written as a court portrait painter Virgilius Eriksen, a Dane by origin.

In addition to paintings, the Museum also displays drawings, prints, sculptures and decorative art objects. Among the latter stands out especially for a small image on enamel depicting the 12 apostles. Its author is Leonard Limosin, the court painter of king Francis I and Henry II (second half of XVI century). As for the sculpture, the exhibits presented here were made of bronze and plaster in the mid-nineteenth century and is considered the recognized masterpieces of "the triumph of romanticism in sculpture. However, especially noteworthy is one of the oldest objects exposed in the Museum - a miniature wooden statue of St. Catherine, made in the German city of Memmingen in 1490.

The Museum also presents the unique pieces of art of Africa and Oceania, as well as a collection of harpsichords of XVII-XVIII centuries.