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Châteauneuf: photo description (Chateauneuf)

Châteauneuf is a commune located in the Burgundy Department côte d'or, as well as the castle, which is located on its territory. Since 1996 the municipality is included in the list of the most beautiful villages of France, medieval castle is its main attraction. In châteauneuf reside less than one hundred people.

Ancient structures on the territory of the commune has been preserved almost intact. The first castle was built here in the XII century by Jean de Sodini. At the end of the century the castle was inherited by his son, who became known under the name of the First Jean de châteauneuf. The family of de Chateauneuf owned the castle until about the middle of the XV century. The family history is interrupted with the execution the last representative of the genus, Catherine de châteauneuf, who was recognized as the poisoner of his wife and for this he was burned at the stake.

Just a year later, the Duke of Burgundy, which at the time was Philip III the Good, did the owner lock his Advisor Philippe Pot. As a good host, Pot rebuilt the castle and strengthened him, and made his room more comfortable for living. At the end of the XV century Philip Pot had died and after his death, the castle changed many owners, until the second half of the XVIII century. The castle is preserved the tomb of Philippe Pot.

Before the French revolution the castle became the property of the banker, and after the revolution lost the part of its decoration, which has been associated with symbols of Royal power, and was put up for auction.

In the first half of the twentieth century the castle was handed over to the municipality of châteauneuf and acquired the status of historical monument. Today this building can be seen in the valley and the Burgundy canal, one of the stone ledges, almost half a kilometer high.