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Château-Chalon: photo description (Chateau-Chalon)

Château-Chalon is a commune in the Jura Department of the Franche-comté region, but gourmets are well known and the same brand of wine which is produced here. The municipality is part of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France", is one of the tourist centers of Franche-comté, and the yellow wine of château-Chalon and local vineyards are the main factor in attracting travelers.

The soil and climate in locations where is Chateau-Chalon, was appreciated by the Romans. One of the Imperial decrees issued at the end of the III century, the land was planted with grapes to the maximum. In the IX century in these parts already existed a monastery, whose monks specialized in the production of wines of high value by monarchs and aristocrats.

The village is home to about 160 people, many, like their ancestors, in winemaking. The production of yellow wine due to the local features: granite soil of château-Chalon does not allow you to build a deep cellar, so the cellar are half above ground, and due to changes in temperature the wine has its own unique microflora.

Except for the surrounding municipality of the vineyards and wine cellars, it has other attractions. For example, St. Peter's Church - the example of the architecture of the Romanesque period, a couple of chapels - St. Anne and Saint-Vernier. And a couple of museums - cheese and wine with the obligatory tasting of local specialties. In the municipality of the fragments of the medieval fortifications (XIII century) and the well of the XV century.