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Evol: photos, description (Evol)

Evol - the ancient picturesque village in the South of France, Languedoc - Roussillon. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to just 400 people, it should be noted that the journal of evolutionary biochemistry combined with others in the same small settlement, Oletta, the distance of which is two kilometers away.

The Evol is on a hill 800 meters high. It towers over the eponymous river. The first mention of the settlement refers to the 957. It is worth Recalling that Evol is in the territory of the historical region of Catalonia, because Catalan language is spoken as widely as French.

One of the main attractions of this town is its medieval castle, built in 1260. The building is currently in ruins. Untouched remained only the strong main tower of the castle. The fortress wall is also preserved only partially. At the foot of the hill on which stood the ancient citadel, you will notice the small chapel of St. Stephen (Saint-Etienne), was built in XIV century and rebuilt in the XVIII century.

It is important to pay attention to the city Church of Saint Andrew (Saint-andré). It is considered as a vivid example, typical of a religious building executed in the Romanesque style. Stands out its bell tower.

In the city there are still a lot of old houses made of stone and shale layered rock. In one such building now houses a Museum dedicated to folk traditions and crafts.

With regard to the next village, Oletta, there is special interest are the ancient ruins of the Bastide - a medieval fortified castle of the XIII century, the small parish Church of St Andrew. From the fortress at the moment there are two powerful towers. But the climb can be difficult, as the height of the hill, where once was the citadel, more than 2000 meters.