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EMU: photos, description (Eus)

EMU is a picturesque old village in the South of France, Languedoc - Roussillon. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only 400 people.

This interesting name - the EMU - is derived from Latin. "Ellex" in Latin translates as "stone oak", but these trees are grown in this area. The first mention about this settlement is dated to the X century. It is worth Recalling that the EMU is located on the territory of the historical region of Catalonia, because Catalan language is spoken as widely as French.

Main attractions of MSA are two churches dedicated to Saint Vincent. The "upper" temple, located on top of a hill, was built relatively recently - in 1726-1743. It's quite a large building, surmounted by a bell tower with Carillon, consisting of 8 bells. In the Church there are 4 ornate chapel and the main altar of the Cathedral is a masterpiece of Baroque art. It was finished at the end of the XVII century.

As for the second St. Vincent's, it is located at the foot of the hill, and therefore known as the "Lower" Church. This building was built long before the city of the temple - it was completed in the XI-XIII centuries and designed in the Romanesque style. On its Western façade rises the bell tower in the bell tower with two large bells. Around the Church is divided the old city cemetery.

After the French revolution, in 1828, the town of EVS were combined with the same small village Whom (Comes) next door. However, this merger did not bring economic benefits to both communities. Whom has long suffered from drought, and after the Second world war completely deserted. Just now about this village remembered the power and began its improvement. At the moment there are extensive restoration work, which affected also the city St. Stephen's Church of XII century, known as Saint-Etienne. It is a typical example of religious architecture in the Romanesque style, stands out especially for its graceful old belfry.