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Ages: photos, description (Aigueze)

The village Ages have been revived in the mid-nineteenth century due to its prominent and influential a native - Bishop Fuze. He found that his small homeland is in decline and ruin, and took part in its restoration. Grateful villagers identified his bust in the Central square Agesa. Another memorial sign adorning the streets of the village with a sign mentioning that in Agaze in 1706 was born honoré Ireful - inventor of apparatus for distillation, considered to be the Creator of pastis, but in fact they were not.

Ages commune located in the Gard Department of Languedoc - Roussillon. It is located on a hill above the river ardèche. In the restored village has managed to keep the spirit of the middle Ages, so in 2005 Ages was included in the Association the most beautiful villages of France. She has just over two hundred people.

Ages was founded as a fortress based in a strategic location in the days of Charles Martel in the eighth century. The old buildings on the territory of the commune remains of the Saracen tower, built in the XI century and the Round tower, which was built next to her two centuries later. From the same era preserved well, which was supposed to supply the fortress with water in case its a protracted siege.

In the XIV century Ages, except for the hundred years war, has also suffered the plague and the revolt of Tochenov - peasants, pushed into the local forest, to avenge his suffering feudal lords. To pacify them in Ages was sent to the Royal troops, which was joined by the troops, curb the local nobility, and this combined army burned the castle, and the village was wiped off the face of the earth. The XV century was for Egesa in recovery attempts, and the XVI century has reduced them to zero with the beginning of a series of armed religious conflict.

"Renaissance" Egesa took place only in the XIX century, when the village was inhabited by about seven hundred people, and worked as a silk manufactory.