/ / Eco-Museum of Alsace, (Ecomusee d'alsace)

Eco-Museum of Alsace, (Ecomusee d'alsace)

The image of this historic Alsatian village was recreated in the municipality Ungersheim, located near Mulhouse and Colmar. The recreated village is about a hundred acres and described as the Ecological Museum of Alsace.

The author of the initiative to establish such a Museum under the open sky organized by the Association "farmhouses of Alsace, and most of these houses, as well as workshops and mills, utensils and vehicles were collected throughout the region and were brought to Ungersheim for several years. In the end, between Colmar and Mulusa emerged as one of the largest in France ethnographic museums with a detailed reconstruction of peasant life. The earliest of its exhibits - houses - date back to the XV century.

On the territory of Museum there are about five dozen farm houses and recreated the color of a small Alsatian village. In the streets and courtyards full of life - views for tourists are satisfied even grazing of pigs and milking cows. Artisans on the streets demonstrating traditional occupations of Alsatians - the manufacture of wooden shoes, the skill of belosic, bakery. Sheds workshops you can see not only the ancient means of transport of peasant carts, and tractors, motorcycles, apparently belonging to the first half of the last century. In the village there are also master-classes on making Souvenirs and cooking of traditional local dishes.

House in eco-village - mostly half-timbered and the main symbol of the village and the whole of Alsace is the stork, so people here on the streets they roam freely and are not afraid of anyone.