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Esplanade Charles de Gaulle: photos, description, Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle)

Esplanade Charles de Gaulle is a wide street with alleys in the heart of Montpellier. It is the sequel to the comédie, one of the most popular district in the city.

The Esplanade Charles de Gaulle hotel is an ideal place for leisurely walks - on both sides grow ancient trees, superb flower beds and a fountain. Across the Esplanade is also one of the largest urban parks, called the field of Mars. This alley ends at the monumental building of the lycée Joffre.

Earlier this place was a civic citadel, and the Esplanade was used as a field for maneuvers and military training. When the need for a defensive Fort anymore, the building was converted into the Imperial Lyceum, which opened in 1804. After more than a hundred years, it was named after Marshal Joseph Joffre, hero of the Franco-Prussian war and the First world. Modern Lyceum building was erected in 1880, and now the Academy has about 4,000 students.

Among the other attractions on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, it is also worth noting and the Congress Palace, also known as Corum. It is a powerful modern building made of pink granite and finished in 1988.

Still on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle is one of the largest museums in all of France - the Musee Fabre, which opened in 1828. It houses an extensive collection of fine arts, Western European countries since the fifteenth century, and ending already present. The Museum is housed in the former Jesuit College of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

The Park, called field of Mars, was opened in 1900. It is made in traditions of classical landscape art: there are many water cascades and waterfalls. Among the native plants it should be noted a lot of palm trees, cedars, sycamores and ancient Ginkgo and summer is here in full bloom Magnolia. In this Park stands the elegant pavilion of 1891, where students from the neighbouring school and other light companies.