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'estaing: photos, description (Estaing)

Estaing is a beautiful old village in the South of France, region MIDI - Pyrenees. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now there are more than 600 people. The nearest major town - Toulouse - is 145 kilometers to the southwest. The town stands on a hill, the height of which exceeds 700 meters above sea level, and at its foot has a major waterway Lo, merging with another river, Kusanoi.

More than five hundred years'estaing served as the ancestral home of an old noble family d'estaing, originated in the XII century. Despite the fact that the last representative of this family, died in the early XIX century, preserved their main legacy is the family residence, which is a monumental castle overlooking the whole village. Built in the XV century, several times rebuilt and reconstructed, so now it consists of many buildings of different heights, made in different architectural styles. The oldest part of it is outstanding high square donjon with five small turrets. Despite the fact that the castle is privately owned, it is open for tourist visit - now features a historical Museum.

Also the town of Estaing is known that is located on the famous pilgrimage route to the tomb of St. James. Because in this city also stayed a lot of pilgrims, it was built a few hospitals, monasteries and other religious buildings. Of these, the best preserved Church of Saint-Flers, built in the XV century, where the relics of the patron Saint - St. Flers. Among the details of its interior also worth noting is the wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ the XV century, sculptural group of the Lamentation (Pieta) of the XVII century and a Baroque gilded main altar, dedicated to St. James.

In the city preserved many ancient stone homes of the rich and houses of XV-XVII centuries, many of which are now converted into luxury hotels. The entrance to the city is via the Gothic bridge decorated with sculptural portraits of prominent members of the family d'estaing.