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Yusson: photos, description (Usson)

Yusson, a picturesque medieval village situated to the South of the centre of France, in the Auvergne region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to about 260 people. The town stands on a small hill, so the maximum height above sea level is more than 600 meters.

Yusson famous because here 19 years have lived in exile Margaret of Valois, the famous Queen Margot, first wife of king Henry IV of Navarre. She held Usansky castle, the ancient medieval fortress of the XV century, destroyed by order of cardinal Richelieu in the mid-seventeenth century. Now there are only ruins. But they managed to save the remains of the ancient city gate, through which was conducted the entrance to the city. Previously, they were part of the medieval ramparts. They represent a squat stone building relatively small height, blackened with time and covered with moss. The gate called port de France gate France.

The main city temple - the Church of Saint Maurice was built in the XIV-XV centuries. It is performed in a Romanesque style and has a powerful quadrangular bell tower with a sloping roof. Of the same stone and built other houses in the city, and they all have red tile roofs. It is worth noting that there are lots of authentic old houses of the XV-XVI centuries.

At the highest point of the city in 1893 was erected a colossal statue of white marble depicting the virgin Mary. It equipped with lights that help pilots navigate planes. From the top of the hill offers stunning views of the town of Yusson. Interesting and the geological structure of the hill in various places there is large accumulation of basaltic rocks. Yusson also located on the territory of the regional natural Park livradois-Forez, pre-emptive consisting of forests, meadows and farmland.