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Aachen town hall: photos, description (Aachener Rathaus)

Town hall in Aachen is not just a monument of architecture, but the building, which to this day plays a huge role in city life. As you know, the building is far from the no less famous Aachen Cathedral, forming a magnificent architectural ensemble, which recorded in the lists of the most valuable monuments in Germany.

If you look into the depths of Aachen's history, we can see that the hall was formerly located in the so-called Grashaus, but in the 14th century it was decided to build a new building because the city got a new free status. The old town hall could not take a huge techniques, and even more, can become a place of coronations. Start of construction of the new town occurred in 1330, and the building was built over nineteen years, which is not so long considering the size. We also know that the Foundation for the construction of the town hall served destroyed by the time the Palace of Emperor Charles.

Several fires that occurred in the fate of this building, destroyed the roof, that tower, but every time the town hall was restored. In the 18th century the town hall was substantially rebuilt and restored, and it became the highlight of the frescoes and panels of wood. Following, the 19th century also brought a lot of changes, because the town hall building is constantly rebuilt, adding rooms. The purpose of these actions was the return of the town hall, the Gothic features that was previously lost.

The famous statues of kings in company with traditional symbols of the various arts and Sciences - about fifty statues, made of stone appeared on the Northern facade, too, not so long ago, in the mid-19th century. About the same time the murals appeared on the walls of the halls, put his talented hand of Alfred Rethel.

Damaged the town hall and during the Second world war: in 1943 the building became one of the objects of the bombing. Restoration work was carried out slowly and carefully: we compared all the drawings, we have chosen the most authentic, played the most complex ornaments, renewed frescoes. The process was slow, full restoration was completed only at the end of 70-ies.

Today the Aachen town hall is one of the brightest symbols of the city, monument of architecture and an important place for the citizens. On the square in front of her place the most significant events, starting from fairs to sports competitions. The building itself is not only a Museum, but also the ordinary offices of the mayor and other officials who manage city Affairs in the third Millennium.