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Gurzenich: photos, description (Guerzenich)

Gurzenich is one of the most famous halls of the city of Cologne, where periodically hold organ concerts. The building was built in the XV century and got its name thanks to its owners, the noble family Gurzenich. This house became a popular public building in the middle ages.

The building itself can not be called magnificent, its appearance can not pay particularly close attention. But the fact that it fills, and concerts of classical music, attracts large numbers of visitors and lovers of music.

Gurzenich were built of rough stone of dark color, the framing of the roof is more reminiscent of a fortress wall, supplemented by teeth. At the corners of the house are small turrets.

Originally this house was a place where constantly conducted various entertainment events, as well as serious political and diplomatic meetings. Dramatic changes expected Gurzenich in 1857, it was during this period it was rebuilt. He made a large and beautiful hall for concerts, but the name remained the same. Now this house has become a place where everyone can come all lovers of classical music. Since the mid-nineteenth century there was formed the orchestra, which has adopted the name of the structure.

If at the beginning of its existence Gurzenich could admire the magnificence of its furnishings, after the 1943 bombing and related from him is not gone. During the war years the building was completely destroyed and unfortunately, it failed to fully restore. For this reason, it is difficult to know in Gurzenich Gothic public building of the middle Ages. Currently, the building looks very unusual, which contributed to a small outbuilding made of glass and metal.