/ / The Palace of Allah: photos, description (Schloss Allach)

The Palace of Allah: photos, description (Schloss Allach)

The Palace of Allah is located in the homonymous district of Munich, in the North-Western side of the city. He is also known as the Palace of Waldeck in honor of one of its inhabitants, count von Waldeck. It is also called the "Neuschwanstein of Dachau."

The castle was built at the junction of the XIX and XX centuries and was conceived as a hunting Lodge. It is known that because of the vagaries of the customer, builders had several times to demolish and build anew. Cost of construction ranges from half a million to two million marks, which in those days was considered an enormous amount. Subsequently the Palace has changed many owners, once even returning to its original owner.

During the Second world war, the castle passed into the hands of the military, some time it housed a hospital. Then in about 10 years quartered American soldiers who equipped an in the Palace hunting and fishing club. When their building caught on fire and quickly fell into disrepair. In 1955 it was purchased by a branch of the German engineering company MAN, staying in the here and now.

The Palace is designed in the Gothic revival style and consists of three-storey main building, a five-story tower and chapel. One side goes to the city channel, and the other three surrounded by a large Park on the territory of which is a picturesque lake with two Islands previously connected by a wooden bridge.

The building is decorated with various coats of arms, statues of knights and various symbolic images of lions, dragons and other animals, including mythological, as the first owner of the castle was fond of Greek mythology.

Standing at a little distance, the chapel was consecrated in honor of St. Lawrence. Next to it stands a bell tower with two bells. Interested in the structure of the Church - it is two-storey and the bottom floor of the sacristy. It is known that the chapel was attended not only by the inhabitants of the Palace, but also urban residents. For General convenience, and in order not to violate the boundaries of the territory through the channel to the chapel was spanned by a bridge.

Despite the numerous restoration works, the appearance of the castle remained unchanged since it was built. At the moment the Palace is closed to tourist visits, as MAN belongs to the firm and serves as the location for the important guests.