/ / Bellevue Palace: photos, description (Schloss Bellevue)

Bellevue Palace: photos, description (Schloss Bellevue)

The famous Schloss Bellevue in Tiergarten Park - the pride of Berlin. Its early history dates to the 18th century: in 1786 the castle was built for Prince August Ferdinand and performed the enviable role of his summer residence. August Ferdinand, the younger brother of the Emperor Frederick II, loved to host well-known personalities. Among the most prominent may be noted of Napoleon Bonaparte, Wilhelm von Humboldt and Friedrich Schiller.

The project architect was Michael Philip Bowman, and luxury interior decoration was worthy of the Royal palaces of Europe, although externally the Palace is impressive. The Church style of classicism, the Palace as it is supposed, is adjacent to the Park, a total area of about two dozen acres. It should be noted that the Palace has always been the residence of noble people. In 1844, the Palace was opened to the public, and besides, the Palace was founded by the art gallery of the same name, which quickly became famous not only in country but also abroad. The princes and their wives, high-ranking officials and Dukes Palace often held two or three families at the same time.

The first world war brought about changes, and the Palace became state property. Here was opened the Museum of applied arts, and art gallery annually held exhibition. And in 1938 the Palace was attached to another wing, he began to take higher ranks of the Third Reich. During the war the building was destroyed, according to architects from it remained only the exterior walls. The South wing was completely destroyed.

The restoration of the Palace started only in 1955, however, a serious approach has yielded excellent results - the Bellevue Palace was rebuilt, using drawings and a photo of the Palace from different times. Today the Palace is the residence of the President of the country, and the area is closed to the public.