/ / Benrath Palace: photos, description (Schloss Benrath)

Benrath Palace: photos, description (Schloss Benrath)

Benrath Palace is located in the South of the city of düsseldorf, the area that bears the same name. This castle and the nearby Park, ponds and the system of created channels are not just the most beautiful places in the city, but also to the world heritage of UNESCO.

Benrath Palace was built in the period from 1755 to 1773, with the assistance of an architect from France, Nicolas de Pigage. The style of the castle can be called special because it reflects the transition from Rococo to classicism. For this reason, basically for the external appearance of all buildings characteristic of austerity and modesty. Before you approach to the North facade of the main castle, each visitor will see an oval pond, where the water comes straight from the tributary of the river Rhine. This pond is the source that feeds the whole system of channels of Benrath Palace.

During its existence, the castle was the residence of the Duke of Berg, and in 1815 it became part of Prussia and only after 4 decades, William I decided to conduct a major restoration. In the beginning of XX century the Palace passed into the possession of the community Benrath, and in 1929 he began to refer to the office of Duesseldorf. For a long time it housed a gymnasium for boys and girls. And only in 2000 in the buildings of Benrath Palace museums are opened.

The castle has a peculiar and rather unusual architecture, especially in the internal arrangement. The main building contains the apartments of the elector, and the living room is completely separated from the living room. In the Central part of the Palace you can see the hall and festive hall with a large dome. If you look at the Benrath Palace from the outside, it may seem that it is only two floors. In fact, under it take the whole four floors, there's a simple explanation. The thing is that the height of the ceilings in all main rooms two times lower than in the front.