/ / Palace Bisdorf: photos, description (Schloss Biesdorf)

Palace Bisdorf: photos, description (Schloss Biesdorf)

Palace Bisdorf is one of the famous monuments of Berlin, entered in the list cultural and historical heritage of the city. But his fate was not quite simple. The house dates back to the 19th century, the author of the project was the famous German architect Martin Gropius. The style of the building is guessed from the first sight, and it is certainly a tribute to the Italian Renaissance columns and porticos, traditional sizes and the harmony of the main building and wings - all this gives an idea of the architect. By itself, the Palace was built as a private residence, hence the peculiar layout of the interior, and rather modest sizes. But very soon, in 1927, the Palace became a state. Despite this, the building fell into disrepair.

The situation changed only much later the Second world war, in 1979, when it was decided to restore the Palace. This was developed for the project, attracted sponsors, which could ensure an adequate level of financial security. Today, the Palace Bisdorf restored as the Park around him and represents a multi-tiered composition. The size of the Palace is often called modest, but the Park is impressive, pleasing emerald green in summer and spectacular colors in the fall.

Now the Palace is Bisdorf is a cultural object, it constantly hosts various exhibitions, festivals and other interesting art events. Well Park long love as the people of Berlin and visitors to the city tourists. It is noteworthy that the Palace complex includes a summer stage, which has also been renovated and today serves as a venue for concerts and various contests, musical and theatrical in nature.