/ / The kurfürstliches Schloss castle: photos, description (Kurfuerstliches Palais)

The kurfürstliches Schloss castle: photos, description (Kurfuerstliches Palais)

The kurfürstliches Schloss castle — the residence of the archbishops of Trier, located in the Old town, about half a kilometre from the Market square. The Palace complex is an architectural ensemble in the style of Rococo and Renaissance, richly decorated with white faux statues and gilding.

The construction of the original Palace lasted more than half a century, with several archbishops. The construction of the first part - the East wing began in 1599 when the elector Lothar von Metternich, and the entire construction was completed in 1660, when the elector Charles Caspari von der Leyne. At the beginning of the construction of the Palace was partially demolished at the Roman Basilica of Constantine (Aula Palatina) and fully integrated into the building of the Palace of the electors. In sharp contrast to the severe Romanesque architecture of the Basilica, devoid of any decorations, and pink, ornately decorated Palace is amazing.

Special beauty differs from the southern wing, reconstructed in the second half of the 18th century by the architect Johannes Seize. Sculptures of gods in the Palace Park, balcony railings with ornaments in the form of a shell - a real masterpiece of German Baroque sculptor Tietz.

Because of the bombing of the Second world war the Palace complex was heavily damaged and was restored in the sixties. Currently, the North wing of the building belongs to the Protestant community in the southern part of concerts of classical music and entertainment, and the Palace Park with flower beds and fountains became a favorite place for walks of citizens.