/ / Palace Mones: photos, description (Schloss Monaise)

Palace Mones: photos, description (Schloss Monaise)

In the North of Trier rural road turning out the main, leads to the most well-preserved example of German Villa the end of 18th century the Palace Mones. Elegant white building was built in 1783 by architect françois Mangina and served as the summer residence of the Dean of Trier Cathedral, Archbishop Philip von Walderdorff. The original purpose of the Palace Mones as reflected in its name (French distorted "my leisure") and in the motto inscribed above the entrance, which literally translates from Latin as "Leisure with dignity".

The height of the building (in a relatively small area), terraces, balustrades and loggias with ionic columns give the Palace Mones ease and grace. On the first and second floor offers a bright front reception rooms, the third was intended for servants.

Already in 1791 the Earl of Walderdorff sold the Palace to the widow of the judicial adviser from Luxembourg. Later the building was repeatedly changed its owners and gradually fell into decay. Several attempts its restoration did not take place because of lack of Finance. Only in 1969, the Palace Mont was bought by the municipality of Trier, and in 1992, after the recognition of its cultural monument of national importance, began a large-scale restoration. Today, the building is a restaurant and in the Park riding club Trier.