/ / Poppelsdorf Palace: photos, description (Poppelsdorfer Schloss)

Poppelsdorf Palace: photos, description (Poppelsdorfer Schloss)

Poppelsdorf Palace built in the Baroque style and is situated in Bonn, in the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Earlier this place was located Gothic castle built on the water, however, during the Cologne war 1583, it was completely destroyed. Work on the construction of the Palace began in 1715, it was intermittent and ended in 1740. For the construction were answered by the French architect Robert de Cotes, who, interestingly, never left France, and supervised the construction of the letters. The new building served as a residence of the archbishops of Cologne.
On the final idea, the appearance of the castle was supposed to resemble Italian villas of the Renaissance, Versailles and the Grand Trianon. It was also planned to dig an artificial channel to achieve greater similarity.

In 1794 cuhuresti was abolished after the Napoleonic wars, the Rhineland became part of Prussia, and in 1818 the Palace and Park complex became part of the University of Bonn. A huge garden was converted into Botanical garden, where now there are about 8,000 different species of plants, and also has 11 greenhouses.

In 1944-1945, the city of Bonn and Poppelsdorf Palace was badly damaged during the bombing. By 1955, the complex was restored, but on a smaller scale.

At the moment, the Palace is one of the buildings of the University of Bonn, there are the faculties of natural Sciences, an extensive library and a collection of minerals. In the Palace Park summer concerts, including the Bonn Philharmonic orchestra.

The Poppelsdorf Palace and the adjacent Park is a monument and protected by law.