/ / Palace Pfaueninsel: photos, description (Schloss Pfaueninsel)

Palace Pfaueninsel: photos, description (Schloss Pfaueninsel)

One of the amazing palaces in Germany, which is included in the list of world architectural heritage, is located on the Peacock island, because in German it sounds Pfaueninsel. The Palace stands on the river Havel surrounded by the stunning beauty of the landscapes, and the building certainly catches the eye. To get into the Palace accessible only by boat - by ferry.

Protected area adjusts to the romantic mood, that was what attracted at the time of the elector Friedrich Wilhelm I of Brandenburg, who chose this place for a Palace. Previously the island was called Rabbit, because it was a farm. At the direction of the elector, there was built a foundry, but soon he was completely burnt. Since 1963 one hundred years the island were deserted, and then Frederick William II acquired the island and decided to build a castle for himself. So strange at first glance, the choice was due to the purpose of the future of the castle is to become a love nest for the Prussian king and his lover. The style of the castle is reminiscent of English architecture. There bother two architect - Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Peter Joseph lenné, who also had to do with the construction of other castles in Berlin.

In addition to the castle, which stands two tall towers linked by a pedestrian bridge, offering great views of the surrounding area, Frederick instructed to build on the island of menagerie, and to deliver the first peacocks, from whom then went the modern name of the island, Peacock island. Interestingly, the original pedestrian bridge was made of wood, but in 1807 it was completely replaced with metal.

Today, the castle is a Museum which tells the history of the island in detail. This Palace complex is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in Berlin for his visit is to provide the whole day.