/ / The Sanssouci Palace: photos, description (Schloss Sanssouci)

The Sanssouci Palace: photos, description (Schloss Sanssouci)

In 1744 there was arranged a vineyard, located on six artificial terraces ledges, divided in the middle by the stairs. Frederick II chose this place for his summer residence. The Sanssouci Palace, as well as extensive gardens around it, was built by the architect Knobelsdorf.

Barely two years have passed from the date of laying the first stone, under the direction of Knobelsdorf work began on the interior decoration of the Palace. Almost a century later, Ludwig Persius and Ferdinand von Arnim added two side wings. Characteristic detail of the Palace - in the Central part of the first floor are the ceremonial spaces, particularly the Marble hall, Royal chambers, the music room and study-bedroom.