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Grashaus: photos, description (Grashaus)

One of the most striking monuments in Aachen - Grashaus or House Herb - at the same time is also one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was completed in the distant 1267, that in itself impresses the tourists and residents.

Originally the building was built to ensure that it was a town hall, and it was so. Nearby was the city's Central square, which served as a place for selling fish caught in the surrounding rivers and lakes. The main difference Grashaus façade in the traditional Gothic style, although today the building is possible to find traces of the influence of other styles of architecture. From the year 1349, when the city hall was moved to another building here at the House of Grass - housed the city court of Aachen, and then a prison.

In 1686 there was a fire, which is pretty much destroyed building. However, it was soon restored. We can not say that the building suffered during the occupation years, and then was made the decision on its demolition. How to agentsam managed to keep it unknown, but in 1886 there was a reorganization of the building and it acquired the form, which appears before the eyes today: high Windows, decorated with pointed arches, and niches under the roof with the figures of the electors, headed by Rudolf of Habsburg that adorn the building. Ever since Grashaus is the city archive.