/ / Friedrichsfelde Palace: photos, description (Schloss Friedrichsfelde)

Friedrichsfelde Palace: photos, description (Schloss Friedrichsfelde)

Friedrichsfelde Palace, which is conveniently located at the zoo, was built in the late 17th century and is a model of classicism. The first owner of the Palace was Benjamin Raul, a wealthy Dutch owner. In the 18th century the building has undergone changes, it has added several additions, and all because of the Palace were constantly changing owners. As a rule, each new owner will definitely want to change everything, but fortunately, beyond minor changes, not affecting the overall architecture, the case never came.

Interestingly, the Palace not so long ago was not popular among the tourists and was only attached to the zoo, but now this monument of classicism deservedly returned to the list of attractions that gather crowds of tourists. The building, oddly enough, has not suffered during the Second world war, or rather, all the main structure of the Palace remained intact and restoration has covered just the interiors and facades.

The architecture of the Palace today is striking purity of form, and color of the lock is made in accordance with the surviving records. The last restoration of the Palace took place under the leadership of the East German architect in the GDR and lasted a fairly long time - since the beginning of 1870 to the end of 1981. Today the Palace holds within its premises one of the city's archives, and another part is the zoo, or rather, there are administrative offices. The Palace is surrounded by a Park, besides, there are a lot of interesting sculptures.

As a rule, this Palace is part of a comprehensive tour, however often fans of architecture come to this area of Berlin for the sake of the building. By the way, in one of the wings of the Palace houses a Museum, so visiting it, you can form an opinion about the interiors of those times.