/ / Charlottenburg Palace: photos, description (Charlottenburg)

Charlottenburg Palace: photos, description (Charlottenburg)

The Charlottenburg Palace was built as the summer residence of the wife of elector Friedrich III of Sophia-Charlotte. Construction work began in 1695. Under Frederick the Great, the Palace was expanded and reconstructed. Was later built a Small Palace theatre and tea house "Belvedere". Before the Palace is an equestrian monument to Frederick the Great work of Andreas Schluter.

Delightful interiors with rich décor, the Palace attract many tourists from all over the world. Deserve special attention: the Porcelain gallery, decorated with mirrors design collection of Japanese and Chinese porcelain; the apartments of Frederick the Great with elegant furniture; the Oak gallery and the Museum of ancient history.

In 1943, the Palace complex was heavily damaged during the bombing. Although many interior features have been irretrievably lost, the Palace was restored and enjoys well-deserved fame.