/ / Schönhausen Palace: photos, description (Schloss Schoenhausen)

Schönhausen Palace: photos, description (Schloss Schoenhausen)

One of the brightest representatives of the Baroque style in Berlin - schönhausen Palace located in the heart of Sochi right on the river punks. This Palace has an interesting history, rooted deep in the past. Thus, in the second half of the 17th century, namely in 1662, a certain Countess, who belonged to the known genus of the don, bought the estate and ordered to build here a modern for those times the mansion in three floors. His style was characterized as Dutch.

The next 50 years were very different: the estate passed from hand to hand, each new owner had added to it something of their own. Elector Frederick I broke here is a European garden, and in addition expanded interior spaces and added several wings. After his death the house went to Frederick William I inherited, however, he very soon was referred to here is the officials. It seems that the Golden era of the Palace ended in the beginning of the second decade of the 18th century.

The impetus for the revival of Lenhausen was the fact that the Palace loved wife of the crown Prince and had been given to her as a summer residence. Starting from 1747 until nearly the end of the century Elizabeth Christine spent her summers here, took care of the maintenance of the Palace, but all her money she spend on the garden. Seven years ' war was fatal to the schönhausen Palace because it was almost completely destroyed. After it ended, the king instructed the architects and allocated money to the building was restored as close as possible to the original.

In the future fate of the Palace was difficult, he managed to visit and a building for exhibitions and storage for works of art, and the officer's club for the Soviet soldiers and even a school for Soviet children. For a long time after the Second world war, the schönhausen Palace was the residence of the President of the GDR, and therefore was given in a solemn and ceremonial form.

Recent restructuring and reconstruction of the Palace coincided with the third Millennium. Work was started in 2005, and their goal was to maximize conservation of the surviving historic interiors. Today schönhausen Palace is open to the public and is a monument of architecture of Berlin.