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Maiden bridge, (Jungfernbruecke)

The oldest surviving through centuries of bridges of Berlin, the Maiden the bridge in addition has another flavor - it is adjustable. The bridge is located in the city center and connects the two shores of one of the branches of the spree. An interesting engineering detail: Maiden bridge is based on a sine wave, which is rare in bridge construction. The foundations of the bridge were built of red Sandstone, this bridge adds charm and makes it stand out against the background of urban development. The bridge appeared in the days when the rules of Friedrich Wilhelm and the architect of the bridge is a Martin Gruenberg.

It is difficult to believe, but once the sleeve spree called Kupfergraben, was navigable, and that this explains the need to build a bridge. The movement of the mechanism cited two rudders winches, and so it remains now, although the need to build a bridge today, no. In mid-1798 the bridge was reconstructed and all its wooden parts were replaced by metal and stone.

The history of the name connected with the legends and history of the city. Some of them were related to the female half of the inhabitants of Berlin and telling us that nearby was situated a brothel, where under cover of night, ran a young girl, and also that under the bridge was a den of belosic. Some historians say that seen mention of that was located near the men's bath, which is across the bridge also ran a girls desire to find betrothed. In addition, there is one interesting custom of the middle ages: the bride had to pass through the bridge, and if under her feet was heard the creak treacherous, this meant that the thoughts and aspirations of its unclean.

The modern way of millions of girl's bridge - an island of the past, charming and modest.