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House Gorky: photos, description (Gorki-Haus)

House Gorky is located near the main station of bad Saarow, the Federal state of Brandenburg. This small resort town has become famous only at the beginning of the XX century. In 1912 there worked a famous German writer Kurt Tucholsky, and 10 years later came to the treatment of the great Russian writer Maxim Gorky. In the years 1923-1925 he worked on a collection of short stories, which included touching piece "First love". The depth of feelings and the tragedy of it is compared with by the "sorrows of young Werther" by Goethe.

The house bitter is located at the address Ulmenstrasse 9 and is a slightly rough wooden hut in a typical Russian style. The roof is decorated with exquisite carvings. Building as if descended from pages of Russian folk tales about Baba Yaga and resembles the typical "Hut on chicken legs". However, in Germany, similar houses are also found in the village of Aleksandrovka, located near Potsdam.

It is, however, to stipulate that in the house of Maxim Gorky never lived in bad Saarow he stayed in medical sanatorium. The original house on Ulmenstrasse belonged to the family of the Berlin banker of Jewish origin and was called "Villa Putti". With the coming to power of Hitler in the thirties he had to leave the country and move to Brazil. Only in 1999, already his descendants were able to reclaim the house.

Work of Maxim Gorky was very popular in the GDR, in 1972, in a hut in bad Saarow was a Museum of this great Russian writer, and the cabin itself was under the protection of the state. There are often reading different works of Gorky, and also houses a rich library - presents about 8000 volumes of his works translated into different languages.

Since 2003, the house of Maxim Gorky operates as a small hotel in a wooden building it offers 4 apartments.