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House of dragons: photos, description (Drachenhaus)

House of dragons is a well - preserved part of a large farm complex, the so-called "White villas", and is 500 metres North-West of the main building. Two-story plastered House of dragons, like the Villa itself, is considered a shining example of Prussian Neoclassicism of the early 19th century.

In 1819, chief burgomaster of Trier, Wilhelm von, Howe bought land on which in 1823 began to build your private Villa. On a small plot that belonged to the original monastery. Mary, in 1829 the House was built dragons, intended for household needs of the rural estate. Its unusual name house received several years after construction, when on its roof in the corners were two copper figures of dragons. They had decorated the gutter Terskoy hall.

After the death of Wilhelm von Howe in 1862, land with all buildings were bought by the Governor of Monaco Prince Henry of the Netherlands, and the House of dragons began to serve as a shelter for the Forester. Later the building passed into the possession of the city and was used as tenement house. Today, the building is located within a protected state reserve, including 1,400 hectares of urban forest. Production courtyard is used for household needs of forest and 4 apartments dragon Houses are rented. Near the building there is a wooden forest Museum, tour the trail and a deer Park.