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House Vows: photos, description (Schwoerhaus)

The famous House of the Oath (Siverhus) was built in the 17th century in Ulm. The whole history of the city is visible here in a chronological order that is interesting and for the citizens who keep touching each fragment of past events, and for visitors to the city, which every year becomes more and more.

In different years of the period from the 14th to the 19th century, the square WEINHOF (Wine yard) was the place for trading. For example, here is the famous wine market, thanks to which, in fact, was the name of the square itself. To the wine market on the square were located the Royal Palace, built in the year 854, but after its destruction there was only one chapel. In 1612, at the court of the city authorities was presented the project of the House of the Oath, which the next year was translated into reality.

Since then, the incumbent mayor of Ulm every year one Monday - Schwoermontag ("oath Monday") - from the balcony of this house says the oath. The gist of it is that he promises to be fair, to make their decisions regardless of the welfare of citizens and not give preference to rich or poor and to always act within the framework of city laws. The first oath was uttered a long time ago, in 1397, but the tradition continues to this day.

The modern history of the House of the Oath knew a few heavy periods: the building was virtually destroyed by fire in 1785. Restoration of the building was made from the old photos. The second time the house received heavy damage during the bombing of 1944. Today Siverhus - a real decoration of the city, the highlight of his architectural style. Visit square WEINHOF included in the routes of city guides.