/ / The Palace of RAE: photos, description (Schloss Rahe)

The Palace of RAE: photos, description (Schloss Rahe)

The Palace of RAE - one of the highlights of Aachen, which attracts tourists and honeymooners. Initially, the structure looks like an ordinary water tower, which was built in the 13th century. In the 15th century was built a Palace which belonged to the family of Maven, better known in Germany as Keseberg. Since then, the Palace has repeatedly changed owners, their names were known, and the Palace of RAE repeatedly became famous thanks to the weddings that are conducted here with a special chic.

Interesting architecture of the Palace was expanded several times through additions, however, the main attraction remains the facade. But the South side of the Palace stands out due to the ten axes in design and magnificent arched Windows, giving the building a special charm. Special design blue stone highlights the Palace of a series of similar buildings. Watchtower of the castle also attracts the eye, and besides it is a gorgeous Park around the ensemble and shading it with its greenery in the summer months.

The North wing of the castle was always used for the technical areas, but it does not bring disharmony in the overall look. In the process of their re-enactment in 1890 there was a office space, and today they are used for business events - conferences, congresses, etc.

The interior of the Palace looks luxurious and rigorous. The combination of stone, silk, gilding and luxurious chandeliers gives the areas charm attracts honeymooners who today with great pleasure celebrated a solemn event in the best European traditions.