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House Kornhaus: photos, description (Kornhaus)

One of the most famous houses in Ulm - Kornhaus was built in 1954. The project architect was Kaspar Schmid, the house was conceived as a three-storey, with high arches. It is interesting that earlier on this place there was a warehouse for grain, but it is fully burned in one of the fires. The decision to build a new home with the same purpose was due to the functional need to store grain for the needs of residents and for sale.

The style in which the architect has completed the project, and then builders have implemented it in practice - Renaissance. Even today, when the building was completely redone inside and is quite a modern centre for exhibitions, conferences and concerts, it feels fine a patina of romance to the distant 16th century.

Originally the building was built according to the rules of the silos: a kind of barn of logs, plastered on top. Interesting timbered Gables gave it a refined style and drew attention to the construction. Portals on the South and North side of the specifically designed in different forms, it is one of the hallmarks of the architectural style. So, the southern portal was a glaring example of late Gothic, supplemented by certain details, characteristic of the Renaissance.

Unfortunately, in the days of the RAID on Ulm in 1944, Kornhaus was virtually destroyed. After the Second World war it was restored, using the surviving drawings and old photographs, but it touched only the external decoration. The decision on what to do inside of this house modern facilities, was correct: today, this building is famous in the business and commercial circles of the city.