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Mendelssohn-Haus: photo description (Mendelssohn-Haus)

The Mendelssohn house is the only dwelling known and eminent composer, which has survived to the present time. Here lived the great artist and conductor of the Symphony orchestra of the Leipzig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy since 1845. The building itself was constructed in the neoclassical style, typical of the German culture of that time.

Currently, everyone can go inside this mansion, there is a Museum, open for visits and tours. In previously residential premises are stored interior the time of the composer's life, as well as furniture, personal belongings and some historical documents that tell about his life and work.

In 2014, the Mendelssohn house has been completely restored, and to the 205-th anniversary of the composer's Museum was opened to the public in an updated form. Despite all this work, the Museum was opened to all visitors without any restrictions. A new exhibition was presented at 900 sq m, located in a building on two floors. On the ground floor, visitors arrive in an interactive concert hall where everyone can try their hand at conducting the art. On the second floor presents those things and materials, which create unique atmosphere and tell about the life of Felix Mendelssohn.

To the day of its opening after refurbishment the Museum has been updated. The Foundation named after the great composer got of his heritage of three original items, including watercolor brush Mendelssohn, 2 candlesticks, which show the initials FMB, and "Odyssey" of Homer, published in Greek in Leipzig in 1839.

The house-Museum of Mendelssohn attracts large numbers of visitors and tourists from different countries, which binds and unites the love of classical music and the outstanding musician and composer of the XIX century.