/ / Government house: photos, description (Stadthaus Ulm)

Government house: photos, description (Stadthaus Ulm)

Government house (Stadthaus) is one of the architectural attractions of Ulm. Government house is located in the heart of the city, on the square in front of the Cathedral is a striking white building of glass and concrete. Sharply contrasting the modern architecture of this building is an amazing way emphasizes the severity of the surrounding medieval houses and Gothic Cathedral.

Several centuries in this place the square in front of the Munster monastery. In 1878, before the completion of construction of the highest in Europe, the spire of the Cathedral of the monastery was demolished, so that nothing would interfere with the review of this magnificent building. But without the buildings the Cathedral square began to look empty and uncomfortable and for a hundred subsequent years, the city government has repeatedly attempted its development. Preserved information about 17 contests design area, but only in 1987 the citizens through a referendum decided to build a new building.

The building project was designed by the famous American architect Richard Meier. The construction lasted 3 years and in 1993, the government House was inaugurated. In the spacious rooms of this four-storey building with a total area of 3600 sq. m. are state institutions, the exhibition of archaeology and history of the Cathedral square, exhibitions, meetings, concerts and other public events.