/ / The house of the Three Kings: photos, description (Dreikoenigenhaus)

The house of the Three Kings: photos, description (Dreikoenigenhaus)

The house of the Three Kings is one of the few surviving buildings-castles of Germany, located in the historic centre of the city of Trier,on the street Simeonstrasse, which connects the Market square with the gate of Porta nigra. This original building in a colourful Moorish style was erected in 1230, and received its name much later in honor of the Holy Kings - so called in those days wise men came to worship the Baby Jesus.

Its unusual design house is obliged to the attempt of the unknown medieval architect to protect its occupants from unwanted guests, because it was long before the construction of the fortress wall around Trier. The only entrance door of the house of the Three Kings was on the second floor, went in solely by a ladder. In case of danger the ladder retracted, and the second and third floors of the attackers could, for example, pour boiling water.

Known the house and another interesting fact of its history is the oldest preserved house that has your number. First the numbering of buildings was introduced by the municipality of Trier in the late 18th century. Its today's appearance the house of the Three Kings obliged the extensive renovation of the 70-ies of the 20th century, because, like the other buildings in the Central part of the city, it was badly damaged by bombing during the Second World war. Then in the thick solid walls of the first floor was cut through the additional Windows and entrance.