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Schiller house: photos, description (Schillerhaus)

The Schiller house is located in the heart Gohlis in Leipzig, it was in this old building lived the poet and philosopher of Germany, known all over the world. Johann Christopher Friedrich von Schiller was a true art theorist, and also a great playwright and a Professor of history.

Currently the house-Museum is among the oldest buildings in the city and is a branch of the Leipzig city history Museum. The building was built in 1717, using only clay, it was like a typical rural house, where in addition to the living room, only the hallway and kitchen. But by the end of the XVIII century, it was not only reconstructed, but also significantly expanded. This was done in order to increase the space for receiving guests who came here to relax in the summer.

In this house the young Schiller worked on such works as "don Carlos", "Fiasco" began its work on the first version of "Ode to joy", which formed the basis of the anthem of the European Union. As a Museum the building was opened in 1841 with the assistance of Robert Blum, and the following year in Leipzig was founded by the Association of Schiller. For the General public the Museum was opened only in 1848.

In 1856, the Schiller house was under threat of demolition, but thanks to the figures of the Association and it was bought and restored within three years. In 1911, the building has undergone a restructuring, made by the works of the architect max Langheinrich, during the war the house was damaged by bombing, but its reconstruction has helped to return him to the original appearance.

Currently, visitors and tourists can explore the home of the poet Schiller, to go into the service areas of the building, as well as to visit the kitchen, the living room floor and his wife's room, study and reception of the famous philosopher. The territory of the house Museum is constantly beautified and ennobled to preserve the memory of great personalities of Germany.