/ / The house Schumann: photos, description (Schumann-Haus)

The house Schumann: photos, description (Schumann-Haus)

The Schumann house is a Museum, which was established in the house where the great German composer Robert Schumann lived for four years with his wife Clara. This well-known conductor, teacher and music critic who worked in the era of romanticism, created the world-famous "Spring Symphony", written during his residence in this building.

Here often came such great composers as Felix Mendelssohn, Franz Liszt and Hector Berlioz. It currently operates the Museum, which occupies three rooms, the remaining part is a music school that bears the name of Clara Schumann, a talented teacher and the pianist of his time. At the concerts the composer's wife has frequently performed works by her favorite husband.

Robert Schumann was founded in 1843, the Leipzig Conservatory, he was a great music critic, which enabled him to become head of his own periodical called "New musical newspaper".

The house-Museum of Schumann stores various personal belongings of the composer and his wife, including numerous letters and documents, notes, sheet music, instruments and manuscripts. A special place in the exhibition are drawings and sketches, unfortunately, unfinished works. Here each visitor can see the music archive of this distinguished family, view photographs of the time, historical documents, narrating the facts of the life and work of Robert Schumann.

In the room where the composer during his life he performed for the guests their works, now to the public concerts, which you can always hear musical creations of the great personality who lived in this house in the XIX century.