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House-Museum of Karl Marx, (Karl-Marx-Haus)

Trier is the oldest city on the territory of modern Germany can be proud of not only carefully preserved architectural landmarks, but also the birth here of a man who changed the course of world history. In Trier was born and spent the first years of his life, the philosopher, economist, writer, founder of the Communist and socialist movement, Karl Marx.

The house where, on 5 may, 1818, was born the third child in the family of a prosperous lawyer Heinrich Marx never belonged to him and was leased shortly before this event. A year and a half the family moved to another small, but private house next to the famous Roman gate Porta nigra. Here, the future Creator of "Capital" lived until graduation in 1835, as evidenced by the plaque on the wall of the house.

In 1928, a two-storey house in Baroque style was bought by the German Social democratic party for restoration and establishment of the Museum, but to open it and failed in connection with the coming to power of the Nazis. After the war, the house where Marx was born, returned to the adherents of his ideas in 1947, the Museum was inaugurated.

Unfortunately, the interior and the household of Marx irretrievably lost during the "third Reich", the situation reconstructed only approximately. Most of the exhibits of the house Museum are stands with information about the life and work of Karl Marx and his associates, the history of the social democratic movement of Germany, the Communist party of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and China. On the ground floor there is a themed souvenir shop where you can buy books, postcards and even wine in memory of the visit to the Museum.