/ / Düsseldorf town hall: photos, description Rathaus Duesseldorf)

Düsseldorf town hall: photos, description Rathaus Duesseldorf)

In order to see the sight, which is called the Dusseldorf town hall, you must go to the center of the old town. For over four centuries in this building their meetings are held by the city Council.

Düsseldorf town hall was built in the years 1570-1572, basic style of its architectural design is Renaissance. The building was constructed under the project proposed by Alessandro Pasqualini. Despite the fact that his project was quite expensive, it was translated into reality, as it had for the city of paramount. The town hall consists of three wings, located by the letter "P". For this reason, the authorities of düsseldorf had to seek financial assistance to Duke William.

The town hall has two curved pediment, and a five-story tower with eight sides, where the very beautiful spiral staircase.

After the construction of the Düsseldorf town hall did not have an attractive appearance, as it was not even plastered. It was a brick structure, where in some places you could see the hewn stone of typical Dutch buildings.

On the first floor were two rooms large in size, they were selling wool and a variety of other goods. Subsequently, the hall was partly reconstructed by, this was done by Johann Joseph Couvin. Thanks to his efforts near the tower appeared the main entrance, in the Rococo style. It was very convenient, since up to this point the entrance was through the tower of the town hall.

The interior has been converted into modern style with the exception of one of the halls, which survived all previous standards of a meter. If you go to the hall, where the meetings of the elders of the city, you can see a gallery dedicated to the chief mayors of düsseldorf.