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Long tower: photos, description (Langer Turm)

Long tower (also called the Powder gate) is one of the few surviving fortifications of the former outer city wall. The Long construction of the tower was carried out simultaneously with the creation of the outer fortification wall from 1300 to 1350 years.

The tower was located on a high hill (204 m), in the most vulnerable point of the outer ring, and, therefore, was essential to protect the city from enemy incursions. From the Long tower completely overlooked the territory was then Aachen, so she was used as an observation and fire signal towers, serving as a signal of danger by smoke, fire or shots.

The first serious damage to the tower got during the hostilities of the Thirty years war: getting more than 250 cannon shells has led to the partial collapse of the roof and walls of the building. However, not only military conflicts were harmful to the building: leave your destructive mark and fires in 1624 and 1807. In 1891, Long tower, was substantially rebuilt, in particular the conical roof was replaced with flat. In the devastating earthquake of 13 April 1992 and fell most of the stone masonry walls.

Later, the historic structure was able to recover by bringing a fairly large financial investment. Today it is a restored, four-storey building used as a student dormitory of the Catholic University of Aachen.