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The düsseldorf castle, (Schloss Site)

One of the most interesting attractions of the city is Düsseldorf's castle. After it was built in 1984, its history has developed differently, his path was as the times of disaster and rebirth. Acquainted with the history of the castle, one gets the impression that he is constantly exposed to a strong enough damage.

In 1492 began a series of troubles castle, in this year occurred the first fire, which could destroy most of it. Restoration work was later carried out, but it lasted a long time.

1510 - the castle again ablaze, this time for the construction works to accept talented and famous architects Domenico Martinelli, Zundorf and Alessandro Pasqualini. To work they had for 11 years, as a result, not only the outlines of the castle managed to change, but also to Refine the surrounding areas. Here there are new buildings like the theater, brewery, stables and riding school. They were made in the Baroque style, and in this design the castle lasted for the next three centuries.

In 1795, the share of this beautiful Palace fell another fire, unfortunately, at this time, restoration works began only 50 years later. After in 1872 in Dusseldorf, the castle again was destroyed by fire, its ruins, it was decided to demolish it. At this time of the renovation or construction was not considered.

Currently, the reminder of the former existence of the castle says the stone tower is the only surviving building. In the tower there is a Museum dedicated to shipping and navigation, and, on the upper floor is a small restaurant.