/ / Natural history Museum: photo description (Naturkundemuseum Leipzig)

Natural history Museum: photo description (Naturkundemuseum Leipzig)

The Leipzig natural history Museum, or the Museum of natural history, is one of the most unique and the largest in Saxony. It is dedicated to such fields as Geology, Zoology, and botany and archaeology. The Museum was established in 1906 through the efforts of scientists of Leipzig, and in 1930 they were already engaged in the administration of the city.

From the first years of its existence very popular natural Science Museum enjoyed by tourists and local residents. In certain periods, the number of visitors declined, but now in this temple of science attracts a large number of people wishing to see more than 170 thousand exhibits from different collections, covering in the amount of 50 million years.

One of the most unique is the collection of mammals, insects and vascular plants, allowing to obtain a more complete picture of the climate and landscape of Leipzig and the surrounding region. Collection of fossils Science Museum is considered the largest in all of Germany, there are numerous excursions available for everyone.

The Leipzig Museum of natural history - the most important institution in Saxony conducting exhibitions of a variety of scientific fields. Exhibits are periodically updated, largely thanks to the efforts of volunteers. In natural Science the Museum of the Club of friends of the Museum, which was founded in 1991. Their main task currently - modernization, and expansion of this amazing repository of knowledge in natural Sciences.