/ / Bergedorf castle: photos, description (Schloss Bergedorf)

Bergedorf castle: photos, description (Schloss Bergedorf)

Bergedorf castle is the only castle that survived in the city of Hamburg. This is a rather historic attraction, because her story starts from the XII century. The castle is located in the heart of the old village, called bill, on the right side of the city. According to history, Hamburg has long been considered a city of merchants, for this reason, these attributes, characteristic of the aristocracy, as a majestic and magnificent castles or palaces, were unknown to him.

Bergedorf castle was quite small water castle which in the various documents referred to as "strong at home". Its stylistic design differed little from similar structures of Germany at that time, but the arrangement deserves special attention.

The castle was quite large, it was four wings and around the buildings were specially made double moat, supplemented by a drawbridge. The presence of massive towers, previously used as protection, says that Bergedorf was a veritable fortress. Among other buildings and dwelling and large stables and beautiful fountains. Here were all the conditions for a pleasant and peaceful life.

Over time Bergedorf castle has undergone various changes and additions to the design, but the basic style has been preserved until the present time. Today this building is a branch of the Museum of the city of Hamburg, the Museum of the mountain village, where visitors are exhibitions telling about the culture of the region.

Bergedorf castle is also the venue of classical music concerts held in the courtyard of this beautiful and majestic building. In recent years, many people are eager here to the castle to marry, and wishing becomes every year more and more.