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The willibaldsburg castle: photos, description, Willibaldsburg)

The castle, which towers over the city of eichstätt, built on a rock, and she, in turn, literally hanging over the river Altmühl. If you look at history, you can find information about on whose authority began construction of a Bishop's right of Berthold von Eichstätt was used in the early 14th century, and the purpose of the construction, of course, was the defense of the city.

If we talk about the shape of a castle, it is traditional fortifications, but it added elegance. A large complex, built in one with the towers at the corners, the willibaldsburg castle attracts tourists. From the very first day of its existence, and almost to the end of the 18th century, the main part of the castle was housing the bishops, precisely because of this, the interior of the castle have always been luxury.

The lock is perfectly coped with its role of an impregnable fortress during the period of the famous in Europe of the Thirty years war, but immediately after it needed repair. The efforts of architects and engineers were not in vain, the castle was restored, and furthermore, considerably strengthened.

Today, the willibaldsburg castle is an architectural gem and inside is a Museum with a fascinating collection, which is dedicated to the Jurassic period.