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Godesburg castle: photos, description (Godesburg)

Godesburg castle - one of the castles of the valley of the lower Rhine and located in the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, near the resort of Godesberg, which is now part of Bonn. At the moment, from the medieval buildings in ruins, partially restored in the mid-twentieth century.

The castle is located on top of a mountain of volcanic origin at a height of 122 meters above sea level. Earlier this place was located in religious buildings, it is believed that there was a pagan temple dedicated to the God Odin.

The fortress was built by the Archbishop of Cologne in 1210-1224 years and until the sixteenth century, served as a bulwark of his power and was considered the favourite residence of the princes electors of Cologne. With the end of the XIV century, the building housed the archives and the Treasury.

His first siege lasting 5 weeks the castle stood in the middle of the XIII century. Work to strengthen the fortress did not stop - was built a strong wall, finished main tower - Bergfried, a moat dug. By 1580 all defensive positions were established according to the traditions of Italian military architects, with its original medieval style of the buildings has been preserved. Thus, at the end of the XVI century, the Godesburg castle was a forbidding stone fortress.

In 1583 began the so-called Cologne war, the reason for which was the schism in Cologne kurfurste. On 18 November, the castle was besieged by Bavarian troops, and at first resist prolonged bombardment. But in December, enemy sappers managed to dig a tunnel and lay 680 kilograms of gunpowder. On 17 December, the castle was blown up. Killed half of the garrison, a large number of buildings and fortifications were destroyed.

Looted the fortress was never rebuilt and lay in ruins until 1959. Then were engaged in restoration of the famous German architect Gottfried böhm, intending to open a restaurant. Currently operates only a restaurant, but it is also possible to rent an apartment. Still, the castle offers a wedding celebration. It is worth to climb the tower, where in 2006, equipped with a viewing platform overlooking an amazing view of the Rhine. Just below the fortress are the city cemetery early nineteenth century.

After the explosion in 1583 among the wreckage was found the unique historical value of Roman plate 200 BC, a copy of which is presented now.