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Castle Gutenfels: photos, description (Burg Gutenfels)

Castle Gutenfels - one of the castles of the middle Rhine valley and located in the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The castle is situated at altitude 110 m above the town of Kaub. Originally the castle was named in the honor of this city - castle Caub. For one hundred years, the castle served as a customs post of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the adjacent castle Pfalzgrafenstein.

Castle Gutenfels is an example of a typical castle architecture of the Hohenstaufen dynasty. It was built in the years 1220-1230 an on a narrow mountain ridge. The first siege the castle withstood already in 1252. In 1289 the castle was sold to the Duke of Bavaria and count Palatine of the Rhine Ludwig II.

The castle consists of a four-storey building with an area of 22Ñ…8 meters from the main tower Bergfried a height of 35 meters. In the XIV century the castle was surrounded by a fortified wall.

In 1504, the castle underwent another siege that lasted 39 days. The siege was not successful. Around the same time, the elector Ludwig V of the Palatinate was renamed the castle and that the castle is known as castle Gutenfels. In 1508, he ordered to restore the castle. During the Thirty years ' war in front of the Western facade of the castle Gutenfels grew round defensive tower with casemates. During the war the castle was repeatedly captured by enemy troops.

In 1793 the castle Gutenfels without a fight surrendered to Napoleon's army, and before 1803, it housed the home care of disabled veterans. In 1806 the castle was destroyed by Napoleon. Gutenfels narrowly escaped demolition in 1833 it was purchased by a German archivist Friedrich Gustav Habel. The rebuilding of the castle occurred in the years 1889-1892, thus able to keep the original Foundation of the castle.

Until early 2007, the castle was privately owned and passed from hand to hand. It again thoroughly repaired, and at the moment it houses a hotel.

Castle vineyards has long been in decline, but in 2008 was planted with new vines. Today the vineyards of the castle Gutenfels are part of the wine region Middle Rhine.

Since 2002, all the castles of the upper Middle Rhine valley was included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO.