/ / Castle Kalkum: photos, description (Schloss Kalkum)

Castle Kalkum: photos, description (Schloss Kalkum)

Castle Kalkum is one of the most ancient districts of the city of düsseldorf. The history of this building began in the mid IX century, surrounded by lush forests. In 852 king Arnulf of Carinthia made a gift to the Canon of the Church in the form of a castle, where was a mill and a Church. After year 1500, this beautiful estate has changed the owner of all the old buildings were demolished and in their place was erected the new castle.

The present appearance of the castle Kalkum acquired in the first half of the nineteenth century. He was executed in the Baroque style. The Palace has four wings, special towers at the corners, and a yard wide, which surrounds the moat. It is surrounded by a very beautiful garden, on its creation worked the architect Maximilian Friedrich Weyhe. He sought to ensure that there complied with all existing at that time, the rules of landscape design. Subsequently some of the dense forests had to be felled for the construction of düsseldorf airport.

On the South side of this magnificent garden is a pavilion where you can see the memorial of a small size. It was erected in honour of the politician and philosopher Ferdinand Lassalle. This man acted as counsel for Countess Sophie von Hatzfeldt, when in the middle of the XIX century took place the divorce this woman, consisting of 36 trial. In honor of her on one of the walls of the castle Kalkum you can find a memorial plaque.

At present this building belongs to the Department of state Central archive, it periodically hosts various cultural events, among which a special place is occupied by classical music concerts.