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Castle Katz: photos, description (Burg Katz)

Castle Katz - one of the castles of the middle Rhine valley and located in the German Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The castle dominates the town of Saint-Goarshausen and over the river Saint-Gor.

The construction of the castle began in 1360 and was completed in 1371. The castle belonged to the family of the counts von Katzenelnbogen and was named in their honor. Later the name was shortened and it became known as the "Castle Katz" (the German translates as "cat"). It is curious that near this castle is the castle of mouse, i.e., mouse.

In 1435 the castle founders first planted the famous Riesling grapes used for the production of white wines.

Together with the nearby Schloss rheinfels also owned by the family of Katzenellenbogen, castle Katz served as an important customs post. In 1479 the line of the counts von Katzenelnbogen broke, and all their lands, including the castle Katz, passed to the landgraves von Hessen. In the early seventeenth century there were only two main line of the heirs of this landgrafft - Hesse-Kassel and Hesse-Darmstadt, who are mired in disputes over inheritance. The stumbling block was the castles previously owned by the family von Katzenelenbogen.

In 1626 and 1647 years, the Burg Katz castle was besieged and partially destroyed. However, at the same time, in connection with the development of firearms was spent on the military strengthening of the castle. In 1692 the castle Katz was again damaged, this time by the troops of French king Louis XIV. During the Seven years ' war from 1758 till 1763 the castle was again captured by the French army.

In 1806 the castle Katz was destroyed by Napoleon's troops and a long time lay in ruins. It was rebuilt in 1896-98. However, rebuilt the castle only very vaguely resembles the original. From Medieval times only the ruins of the outer wall and the main castle tower (Bergfried).

In 1816, the castle passed from hand to hand among its owners are the Dukes of Nassau. In 1928, the Burg Katz castle was sold at auction. During the Third Reich the castle was founded a school camp. After world war II, from 1946 to 1951 the castle was the local higher educational institution "Institute of Hoffmann, and by the end of 1987, the castle Katz served as a rest home. In 1989, the Japanese consultant management Satoshi Kosugi acquired the castle, paid 4.3 million German marks. He planned to redo the castle into a hotel, but the plan was not implemented. Today the castle is private property and is closed to the public.

The area of castle Katz is relatively small. The Central element of the castle - the Bergfried of 40 meters in height. Previously, he was protected by a moat on one side and a triangular Bastion on the other side. Residential tower consisted of four floors.

Ride on a boat past the castles Katz and Rheinfels especially fun at night on the third Sunday of September when the festival of fireworks "Rhine in flames".

Since 2002, all the castles of the upper Middle Rhine valley was included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO.